Where exactly does our food come from?
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Carlsbad Aqua Farm
clams, mussels, oysters
Catalina Offshore
fish, scallops & other seafood
Everingham Bros
fresh sardines
John Law
lobster, rockfish & halibut
Mitch Hobron’s live sea urchin
Romolo & Mario Ghio’s white sea bass, halibut, barracuda & yellowtail



Open Space Meats
grass fed beef

St. John Family Farms
pastured chicken, turkey & pork



Eben-Hazer Poultry Ranch

Winchester Cheese



Crow’s Pass Farm
(video of our visit here)
Golden Gourmet Mushrooms
Mountain Meadow Mushrooms
(video of our visit here)
Sage Mountain Farm
Specialty Produce
Suzie’s Farm
(videos of our visit here)


Other Suppliers

Bella Vado
avocado oil
Caffe Calabria
coffee & tea

Cardamom Cafe ciabatta bread
Temecula Valley Honey
Russell Farms macadamia nuts
(video of our visit here)
Lundberg California rices
Lompoc Valley Seed & Mill
The Olive Pit
Chula Vista South Bay Saltworks


California Wine (partial list)

Fallbrook Winery
Fleur de California Winery
Mandolin Winery
Marilyn Remark Winery
Orfila Winery
Thornton Winery


Local Craft Beer

Airdale Brewing
Ballast Point
Coronado Brewing
Green Flash
Iron Fist Brewing
Karl Strauss
Lightning Brewery
Manzanita Brewing
Lost Abbey
Port Brewing
Stone Brewery

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